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Work package 7: Dissemination, exploitation and communication

Led by European Vaccine Initiative, Germany

The main objectives of this work package are to:

  • Ensure appropriate, effective communication, and dissemination of project information and results

  • Foster and support exploitation of results and knowledge generated

The main activities aiming at maximising the long-term impact of ShigaPlexIM will ensure that:

  • A comprehensive plan for communication and dissemination is elaborated at the beginning of the project

  • Dissemination and exploitation activities follow a clear strategy and be closely monitored

  • Scientific outcomes are widely disseminated

  • Project results are published in high quality peer-reviewed journals providing open access as early as possible

  • Intellectual property is identified and appropriately protected

  • Exploitation potential and interests are clearly documented

  • High visibility of the project is created among relevant target groups through a set of dedicated communication activities


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