University of Gothenburg

University of Gothenburg (UGOT, Sweden), is one of the largest universities in Scandinavia. One of its areas of international strength is vaccines and related immunology, with world-leading expertise in mucosal vaccines and mucosal immunology. Its achievements include e.g. (i) the development of the first WHO-prequalified oral vaccine against cholera, and an oral vaccine against ETEC diarrhoea in phase 2b clinical testing; (ii) the development of many of the most used immunoassays in vaccine research (e.g. first use of ELISA in vaccinology, development of the ELISPOT method for assaying antibody- and cytokine-secreting cells, and the intestinal lavage method for measuring intestinal antibodies); and (iii) phase 1 to phase 4 clinical testing of vaccines in both high- and low-income settings. The UGOT team consists of senior experts with proven world-leading experience and expertise in oral vaccine and immunology R&D and support staff. UGOT has a wide global partner network including organisations engaged in vaccine R&D from both public and private sector and has long experience of participation and leadership in numerous EU- and otherwise funded vaccine projects.